The Italian’s Food: An Invaluable Heritage Known All Over the World


The Italian’s food is some kind of heritage, an ancient art handed down from generation to generation in a constant stream that mix together tradition and innovation. Cooking in Italy doesn’t mean just put the right ingredients to make up the recipe, cooking is passion, it’s a scrupulous choice of the best materials, it’s rigorous territoriality and finally a skill full preparation. The huge culinary heritage is made by a lot of recipe and every regions hast here own particular way to do, sometimes you can find even in the same place some difference in the preparation of the same recipe bet wean house to house. Simple ingredients but cleverly used, this is the indispensable requirement of the Italian’s food where the palate enjoys the view and the taste of genuine, healthy and easy things created by the wisdom and the experience of those who have been able to refine and innovate without upset.

Northern Italy

As we said before, every region have it own specialty but we can split Italy in three part; north, center and south. Let’s go and discover each part.

From east to west the northern Italy can boast many peculiarities linked to the history of the place.

Liguria: Our journey start form the “Liguria” a small region but with a great tradition: herbs, pesto sauce, fish, bread-making and leavening technique used to cook tasty buns.

Piemonte: Leaving behind the Liguria, we go to Piemonte. There we can find many cheeses and dairy products, but the real specialty of the place is the truffle.

Valdostana: If we move to the Valdostana we can find some similarity with the previous region indeed we can find tasty cheeses, such as “Fontina”, and a wise use of animal flats; before leaving be sure to taste the “montblanc”.

Lombardia: Time to move, and here we go to Lombardia; sweet, with the “panettone milanese” and the sugar cake nougat; Salty, with the corn polenta, the peculiar “pizzoccheri valtellinesi” or the succulent “Milanese cutlet” and the evergreen “risotto”.

Friuli e Trentino: East ward we have Friuli and Trentino; the specialty of the place are: “canederli soup” and “gnocchi” with Speak and San Daniele’s ham.

Veneto: Now is time to taste the cod and the wanted Venetian liver.

Emilia Romagna: We finally came to the end of northern Italy. In Emilia Romagna you must try the “mortadella”, but if you are looking for a real speciality then you must taste the “ragù souce” with the noodles.

Center Italy

Lazio: This time we will start from Lazio where is located Roma, capital of Italy. There is a lot of dishes but you surely try these: “carbonara” (some things like bacon and eggs with pasta), “cheese with pepper”, “pasta all’amatriciana”, “carciofi alla giudia” (a kind of artichoke), “coda alla vaccinara” (It’s an oxtail)

Toscana: If you like meat, so you must move to Toscana. Now is time to taste the “fiorentina” an huge piece of meat. If you want to try some thing lighter, you should try the “panzarella” or “ribollita”

Marche: a first dish of vincisgrassi and a second of fish sauce with a tasty outline of olives and you are ready to move to next region.

Umbria: Despite the small size, Umbria have a great culinary tradition: the Truffle of Norcia

Abruzzo e Molise: we are near to leave the center, Abruzzo and Molise are famous for the production of cheeses.

Southern Italy and islands

Here we go to our last step, we arrived to south.

Campania: we are in the reign of the “pizza”, we don’t have to talk, just taste it.

Puglia: Excellent ingredients and abilities in compositions, the perfect recipe for a divine dishes. There you should taste “orechiette con cime di rapa” (pasta with turnip peaks) or “maccheroni e melanzane” (pasta with eggplant)

Calabria: Land of strong flavors with a wise use of hot pepper and delicious sausages

Lucania: famous for the bread of Matera and local cheese

Sicilia: this land satisfies both those who prefer salty and sweet: salty: you must try “arancine” or some local dish with eggplant. Sweet: you just can’t leave before you have tasted “cannolo” or “cassatina”

Sardegna: Our journey end sheer in Sardegna with the taste of the “ravioli”, the “sea urchins” and the “suspires”.

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