Owen Mumford User-centric Approach Removes Risk and Increases Compliance

Leading medical device manufacturer Owen Mumford is introducing a process that puts risk management at the centre of the company”s engineering process.

Oli Gould, Design Team Manager at Owen Mumford says, ‘We have developed a risk management process that allows us to think more intelligently about hazards to healthcare providers and their patients using medical devices, such as our drug delivery products. We believe that this approach will create more confidence in using the devices, as well as a better outcome and increased compliance among patients.’

Gould believes that the new system allows businesses to consider what is behind the risk and why it is likely to be an issue.

He says, ‘While we continue to use the FMEA severity scoring to categorise possible failures into harm and non-harm, our enhanced risk management process allows us to go beyond simply scoring the risk.

‘The improved process considers not just how to reduce risk to an acceptable level but how to remove it altogether by addressing user factors within the design and manufacturing of our devices.’

The risks are identified by analysing the user interaction with the device step-by-step and at each of these steps, the potential hazards are considered. As well as eliminating risks to the user, whether a healthcare professional, carer or patient, Owen Mumford applies human factors engineering to make it as easy as possible for the end-user to adhere to a treatment regime.

The new process has been tested within the business and is now being rolled out across current products.

Gould concludes, ‘We believe that it is essential to focus on safe delivery of healthcare and to ensure that this is factored into the design and development of products. Owen Mumford takes its responsibility in this area very seriously and we are in the process of introducing the new system to all products in development.’

About Owen Mumford  

Owen Mumford is a major medical device manufacturer that develops pioneering medical devices for its own Owen Mumford brand and custom device solutions for the world”s major pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies. Owen Mumford”s goal is to improve quality of life, encourage adherence to treatment and reduce healthcare costs. Making a world of difference, to a world of people.

With a history of world firsts in device solutions, Owen Mumford offers proven design, development and delivery services from a broad base of proven self-injection and blood sampling platform devices and intellectual property.

In business for over 65 years, Owen Mumford remains privately owned with a focus on long-term investment to deliver sustainable business growth. With a strong internal research and development capability, Owen Mumford”s objective is to develop solutions that address today”s healthcare demands. Through advanced research involving end-users and health care professionals, and extensive design and manufacturing capabilities, Owen Mumford produces class-leading medical devices that are used globally – exporting over 85% of its products to more than 60 countries worldwide. 

Selected as one of The World Economic Forum”s Global Growth Companies, Owen Mumford is a trusted partner to many of the world”s biggest medical device diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies and works with international organisations to support customers at a local level and provide consistent and dedicated support. 

For further information visit http://www.owenmumford.com  or follow Owen Mumford on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.


OXFORD, England, September 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

Owen Mumford User-centric Approach Removes Risk and Increases Compliance

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