Holidays in Salento … where are we going?

Holidays in Salento ... where are we going?

Salento is an area of southern Puglia, is in practice the heel of the boot that is Italy to look at it from above. If you are looking for a perfect holiday in Italy to experience beaches, oil, sea, wine and music, then the Salento destination is ideal. But everything will be surrounded by wonders of history and culture, because the Salento "speaks" Greek with the traces of its most ancient past. And it is continually reflected in that particular baroque that makes Lecce one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

Lecce is just an excellent point of departure to visit the Salento. In addition, if you arrive by train is the terminus city of the south of Puglia. Then how to get to the rest of Salento you can do it by public transport. To arrive by plane there is the airport of Brindisi which is an hour away from Lecce. Lecce is a city so unique in its beauty that it is very difficult to compare it to high-class towns and its "Lecce Baroque" is the unmissable feature. As a second destination Gallipoli: a seaside resort located on the eastern coast of Salento. The historic center of Gallipoli is an island connected to the mainland by a bridge. A labyrinth of alleys, a baroque cathedral dedicated to Sant'Agata, a marina and a beautiful sandy beach are the main attractions that we recommend in this Salento guide.

Inevitable the old town of Otranto enclosed within the medieval walls. With a castle to dominate this wall. All "embellished" by the beautiful Lungomare di Otranto which deserves walks especially at sunset, when the sun turns the Salento red.

For an alternative life you must make a "puntatina" in Santa Maria di Leuca: southern tip of Salento, here you can find the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. The seafront is dotted with trendy villas and clubs. The beaches surrounding Santa Maria di Leuca are all to be tried.

For the connoisseurs there is also the Salento of wine and to understand and savor the wine of Salento, you have to go to Manduria. Primitivo di Manduria is a DOC wine that is produced in the provinces of Taranto and Brindisi. Just in Manduria there is a wine museum with tasting and from there it is possible to visit the archaeological park.

A hint instead for music lovers is to know the tradition of pizzica.

The pizzica is a traditional Salento music. Which is played to accompany a lively and "magical" dance: the taranta from which comes a mixture of magic, superstition and healings.

The taranta today relives its moment of tourist revival. In fact, the "Notte della Taranta" is famous: a concertone that takes place every summer – at the end of August – in Melpignano, in the Salento area.

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