Get History Website Wins Award From Oxford University College

The annual Community Engagement and Impact Award rewards Kellogg College ”students who have demonstrated a genuine commitment to community engagement, increasing impact, promoting knowledge exchange, or widening participation.”

The college writes that the ”website brings history and historical research to as wide an audience as possible. Initially started as a study aid for secondary-school students, it has expanded to include the wider public, introducing current historiographical debate in a fun and accessible manner. As well as topic-based articles, which encourage the audience to develop their own opinions and undertake further practical and book-based research, it has increased the impact of other historians” work, by including interviews and competitions. Quizzes, facts, and ”on this day” bring the bizarre and wonderful side of history to life, inspiring engagement with history, and showing its importance in the world today.”

Get History was established in 2014 as a reaction against the ”dumbing down” of history for children. Its guiding principle is that history doesn”t have to be boring or oversimplified; it just has to be well-expressed. Complex historical ideas, concepts, and debates can and should be brought to life, because understanding history helps us to understand who we are now and why we are here: it is the story of us. This principle is carried through the site in articles, reviews, interviews with leading historians, quizzes, facts, and quotations.

Debbie Kilroy, the site”s founder, writer, and editor, has said: ”It is an immense honour to receive this award and to be recognised for the hard work involved in running the site. I think Get History has so much potential, and has so much to contribute to historical study; it”s nice that others – and particularly an Oxford college – think so too!”

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OXFORD, England, March 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Get History, a website designed to bring interesting, up-to-date, and accessible history to students and adults alike, has won a Community Engagement and Impact Award from Kellogg College, Oxford.

Get History Website Wins Award From Oxford University College

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