Dream Island: A New Hope for the Artistic Community

The most characteristic feature of humanity is its creativity. Whether it”s art or technology, people feel a constant urge to create. Unfortunately, not everybody has the time nor the right conditions to make use of their talent.

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That is the objective behind the creation of Dream Island – a new international ideological and lifestyle initiative, aiming to spread creativity around the world, connect people sensitive to beauty and help talented artists and creators to get them the recognition they deserve. ‘Dream Island is a project under which niche, unique and inspiring artists receive comprehensive support – substantive, business, marketing and sales – thanks to which they can fulfill their dream and sail to the wide waters of the market.’ – reads the project description on Kickstarter.

The idea for Dream Island was conceptualized in 2010 by Jakub Olejniczak, a young entrepreneur who, while traveling through Indonesia, had faced the hardships of being a smalltown artist. ‘If you look around, you”ll find many creative people who cannot follow their passion due to income problems and lack of support needed to fulfill their ideas and projects,’ says Jakub. ‘Our goal is to reach out to those who have the talent and the determination, help them and make an impact on the world.’ Over the past few years, the project was under development and had its first collaborations with creators – new clothing lines, songs & music videos, accessories – which can be funded and backed by users on their Kickstarter page.

Where is Dream Island now?

Dream Island has launched a fundraising campaign today using Kickstarter – Click here to see what they have to offer. Funds gathered during a 30-day period will be used to finish the Dream Island platform – a unique site for artists and people interested in their works. The portal will help them promote their works around the world, sell them, connect with sponsors, and receive substantive, marketing, business, and sales support. ‘Every one of us has a family member or a friend who has the talent and skill to make something beautiful, yet was never able to pursue that road’ says Bart Łukowiak, CTO. ‘We want that to change, because everyone deserves a fair chance. If you believe that as well, join us and take part in shaping our future.’

For more information on the Dream Island Kickstarter project:

Kickstarter: HERE

Website: HERE

Facebook: HERE

LinkedIn: HERE

Media Contact:

Bartosz Łukowiak
Email: contact@dreamisland.com

LOS ANGELES, October 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

Dream Island: A New Hope for the Artistic Community

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