Business Reporter: Saudi Arabia Digitalises the Educational System to Meet With Technology’s Demands on the Workforce

As part of the National Transformation Programme (NTP), the Saudi Arabia”s Ministry of Education (MoE) equips students and teachers with the skills necessary for the digital age by implementing a paperless and digitalised educational system.

The NTP places digital learning at the forefront of the Saudi Arabia”s educational system. The creation of new jobs in the next few decades means that the demand for advanced technical skills will simultaneously increase.

With an awareness of automation”s hold on the global workforce, ensuring that students are mentally equipped for the technological revolution will be advantageous for the country”s economic growth.

The Saudi Electronic University (SEU) is an institution that has embraced the digital revolution by offering online courses. Furthermore, 150 Saudi schools will replace all print books with digital versions. By easing the burden on teachers, their role evolves from being an instructor to a mentor; enhancing the quality of teaching. In keeping with the Saudi government”s long-term development plan, 1000 teachers will be sent to top education institutions abroad for one year to learn best practices that can be taught and applied domestically.

To meet the demands of technology”s transformative nature, a focus on educating the new generation is imperative. By utilising the resources available to respond to an increasingly digitalised workforce, Saudi Arabia sets an exemplary vision to other developed societies.

For more information, please see the Business Reporter article:

LONDON, December 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

Business Reporter: Saudi Arabia Digitalises the Educational System to Meet With Technology's Demands on the Workforce

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